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FDA's Ephedra Ban Takes Effect
Buying or selling a dietary supplement containing ephedra is now against the law. The FDA's ban on ephedra officially takes effect today.

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Naposim was voted as the best product among Dianabol products, followed by Thai Anabol and Methandrostenelone.


The Steroid Bible

The book provides detailed information on how steroids were discovered, first used, and how steroid use has evolved over time. Both benefits and possible side effects are covered in great detail and the first hand accounts of steroid use are as entertaining as they are educational. If you only buy one steroid book, this is the one you want. The Steroid Bible contains straight forward, brutally honest information with a touch of raw street smarts provided in the form of first hand accounts of steroid use written by ordinary people who use steroids.

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Anabolics 2002

The world's most comprehensive encyclopedia of anabolic information just got better. An extensively updated drug profiles section also brings you current on worldwide product availability, including in-depth coverage of the new flood of high-dosed veterinary anabolics, plus new and expanded research pulls you deeper into the science and biochemistry of these agents than ever before. No other steroid reference book even comes close!

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Steroids 101

Renowned steroid and bodybuilding expert Jeff Summers finally puts his knowledge on paper! This 400+ page ULTRA THICK MASTER PIECE literally dwarfs all other hardcore steroid books. Not just steroids! This book covers every aspect of chemically enhanced bodybuilding. Anabolic Diets, Insulin, HGH, Training For Size, everything! It’s all answered. Best of all, Steroids101 gives you the real life facts from a bodybuilder’s point of view (not a biochemical professors)! It’s laid out in an easy to read "non chemical jargon" format designed for both novice and expert bodybuilder alike.

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